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You Name It Tours collaborates with Crocstar every season to produce the most extreme experiences for conservation enthusiasts. These trips are for the rough and gnarley, but we welcome anyone looking for a unique way to express their love for nature and all its toothy environs. 


"Crocstars are the women and men on the front line protecting these incredible animals in their natural habitats and through day-to-day conservation & preservation practices. ... The Crocstars that work with these animals have phenomenal passion as well. They also have a certain kind of crazy needed to go hands-on with these incredible creatures, so we design items that reflect that attitude." 

With the above ideals in mind, we design these Crocstar associated tours to be in line with the personality of the conservation group. With co-travelers like these, you can let your hair down, get rowdy, and go crazy. Choice destinations are most usually in rural, jungled areas where devotees can enjoy the animals they dedicate their lives to in a natural habitat. Whether it's hammocks in the amazon or hotels in downtown, we find a way to connect with the wild side of conservation.

If you're put off by the seemingly wild and chaotic nature of the trips, don't run off yet. While Crocstar specializes in bringing a level of excitement to the tours, You Name It brings a little peace of mind to the tours. We arrange everything from flights, hotels, reservations, meals, and transit. A seasoned tour director leads the trip every step of the way to handle hiccups, disputes, and emergencies. While your tour director is there to make the trip go smoothly, they will also help with introductions and acquainting participants with each other. The goal is to be safe, have fun, and make memories. 

Check out some of our memories from past Crocstar Trips!

Available Tours

Image by David Clode

Wild West Arizona

2020, October 8th-12th

Explore behind the scenes and hands-on with Arizona Zoological Parks resident herpetologists & conservationists. Experience in-field search for snakes, lizards, and other critters of the southwest. 

  • Double Occupancy (option upgrade to a private room)

  • All-inclusive: room, flight, meals, gratuity, transportation, admission to points of interest

  • Fully guided



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For any general questions, concerns, or assistance about Crocstar trips, contact us! If you're jealous of these hand-crafted experiences and want the same for your company and associates, we can help with that too.


Flavio Morrissiey

Tour Coordinator

Cell: 407-948-6507

Office: 888-257-4099






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