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The destinations are limitless, you just need a reason to go. Educators in all fields will find that any place can foster learning, so we plan for everything. See how each of these popular places can fit into your curriculum, schedule, and budget.

Explore by category of interest, or by destination below. Contact us for inquiries, custom itineraries, or anything at all. 

Maybe you're fast-paced, or you want a more leisurely experience. Field trips can be focused, or have a broad spectrum of areas of interest. For the adventurous, for the tame. You Name It, and we can make it happen.

Historical & Cultural 

The value of history is rarely lost on teachers and educators, making it one of the most popular reasons for student travel. Go beyond the textbook and visit timeless places that continue to tell their stories. 

Student Performance Art

Students all over the world practice day and day out to perfect their tunes, ensembles, and harmony. There are few things more honoring that having the hard work pay off, and be invited to play in prestigious events. Plan for a perfect performance, and an easy journey from beginning to end.   


Arguably, the most fun-filled adventures begin with science. From the rainforests of Costa Rica to the loop-de-loops on Rollercoasters, marrying education with novelty is an easy task. 

Competitive Sports

Hard work, and dedication! That's what it takes to travel the world for glory. Leave the logistics and planning up to us. 

Special Interest

We may not have thought of everything, but we planned for everything! You Name It Tours is equipped to handle every curve ball; art clubs, faith-based student organizations, apiary societies, stamp enthusiasts. We'll assist anyone looking to travel for an engaging experience. 



Historic, Performing Opportunities, Architectural Sciences

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